Zero Toxicity. Carbon Neutral. 100+ Years of Adhesion.

Gear broke? Bummer.                                  Fix It Good.
Gear broke? Bummer.                                  Fix It Good.

Install Guide - Super Easy!

Step 1. Take a deep breath

Breath, appreciate, gear repair, outdoor sports, nature, climbing, camping, and adventure.

While you take a breath, take a moment to appreciate that we are so lucky to have such a diversity of awesome gear and activities. It should be our responsibility to make our gear last as long as possible. It is also our duty to minimize our impact. 

Step 2. Select the right size/shape


You can use an entire 6" piece or you can cut it into pretty much any size or shape you can imagine. Add your own flair! You can also layer various pieces of tape, but just make sure you have ~1" overlap.

Step 3. Remove release paper


It is a lot easier to do if you have the tape facing you (aka looking at the black fleece side). Use your thumb in a downwards motion to get the tape to stick to your finger and then it will peel smoothly off the release paper. 

Step 4. Place the tape gently


Gently apply Shredder Tape where you want it to be and make sure it is set exactly where you want it to be. It is going to be there for a long time! 

Step 5. Pressurize the tape


Use the application tool (or a credit card if you lost the tool) to pressurize the tape onto the item you are repairing. Wait for about 5 minutes and the 100+ year bond will be activated. DO NOT place the tape anywhere you don't want it to be for 100+ years. 

Step 6. Shred On. Hammer On.


Your gear is now all set for many more years of fun, work, or both! Plus you can smile big knowing that you are truly helping reduce waste and reduce our carbon impact. Right on my friend!