Zero Toxicity. Carbon Neutral. 100+ Years of Adhesion.

Gear broke? Bummer.                                  Fix It Good.
Gear broke? Bummer.                                  Fix It Good.

About Us

Good Gear Deserves a Good Fix

One of the biggest sustainability problems that bums us out is that gear is thrown away way too fast. At Shredder Tape we are fixing it good by providing a non-toxic carbon neutral tape that can be used for surf, skate, snow, hiking, cycling, camping, and construction repairs. Keep that cool stuff you once thirsted for and love it more!

On a Mission to Save the World

We are on a mission to reduce waste, but also to be a major player in fighting the climate crisis. 

With every pack purchased we donate $3 to Rainforest Trust, which is a non-profit that works with local populations to permanently preserve primary rainforest. The average cost of an acre purchased is $3 so that is why we provide that amount. 

Ok, so now we need to consider the total lifecycle carbon impact of your purchase vs how much carbon is saved per year with an acre of primary rainforest.

Due to the high carbon impact of shipping, each pack of Shredder Tape delivered is about 3,000 lbs of CO2 on average. 

Each acre of primary rainforest sequesters around 60,000 lbs of CO2 per year.

So in the first year, the acre of rainforest saves 20x the carbon impact of your purchase. The even better news is this acre of rainforest is permanently conserved and will sequester over 6,000,000 lbs of CO2 in the next 100 years along with supporting the livelihood of local populations. 

"The Best Tape in the World"

Shredder Tape is powered by Pro Clima, an amazing German company who is a global leader in sustainability and performance. 

Shredder Tape is completely non-toxic (Red List Free) and our operations are carbon neutral.

Shredder Tape is waterproof, airtight, and vapor open which means you can fix pretty much anything without causing rot or other failures.